Career Consulting

Every individual wants to go from point A to point B in their career.

But 90% don’t make the effort to REALLY do something about it.

Don’t you agree?

Here’s a question for you –

Why don’t you take the leap to next level in your career?

We bet that you already know the answer in your heart. Don’t you?

The answer is a three-letter-word –


Yes, it’s YOU.

YOU are not making the effort.

YOU are not building skills required to take the leap.

YOU are not reading books or browsing materials that can show you the way.

YOU are not exercising at all for which people who look at you feel that you are lethargic.

Now, you may say – “but the world, you know, it sucks!”


The world doesn’t suck.

YOU are either the problem or the solution.

Here’s another question for you –

What if you believe that YOU are responsible for your success and failure?

What would you do differently?

Would you read an hour a day?

Would you start eating well?

Would you get up one hour earlier to practice the skill you need to develop?

You bet!

Our job as career consultants is to show you where you’re going wrong and making it right.

This is what we do. We fire up the inspiration in your belly. We nudge you. We show you the way. We push you to your limit so that your limit expands. We hand you tools and we track your progress. And after working 3-6 months with us, you are a completely different person.

Still thinking you are not good enough to make progress?

You may say –

“But I do not have the time!”

“But I do not have the money!”

“But I do not have blah, blah, blah!”

Stop your shitty excuses. And own what you are capable of becoming.

Yes, OWN it.

Here’s the thing. What if we told you that if you give us $1, we will give you $10 in return. Would you do it? It’s a no-brainer, right? Why don’t you? You will do it all day long.

So here’s the deal. The money you would pay for our consulting services would give you multiple returns in many areas in your career –

  1. You will be fired up with confidence! (We will show you how!)
  2. You will be doubling your salary within a year (Don’t believe?! You will see how. Note: we didn’t say 10 times. We know what’s possible and what’s not!)
  3. You will know your strengths and areas to improve.
  4. You will be fitter and lose 5 pounds (We believe your next level needs a different you. No. We are not mixing up. We know what we are talking about!)
  5. Your work ethics will improve! (Again, we will show you how!)

You deserve to reach your next level. And to reach that level, we ask you two easy questions –

First, who do you want to become?

Second, who do you want to help?

Answer these questions right away and you will understand what you are truly capable of becoming.

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So stop wasting time and shoot us an email at 

We will answer all your questions and tell you all about our consulting service. We will not reveal everything on the page because we believe the GOLDEN EGGS should be given to the individual who initiates.

Just shoot us an email and we will see you on the other side.

By the way, we don’t take more than 10 people at a time for our consulting services. We can go for 100 if we want. And we have the resources to do that. However, we want to make IMPACT the key-word of our service.

We have been receiving hundreds of emails. So we may choose 10 people as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time. Keep the subject line as “Interested for Career Consulting”, say “Hi” and send us an email at

We will see you on the other side.

Good luck!


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